Our essential obligation

Barring any big surprises, Sunday's election race will be a personal triumph for Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Come Monday morning, Greece will be in the unprecedented position of having a new government and no real opposition. SYRIZA is looking at a long period of introspection, with the prospect of dropping back down to the 3% threshold looming large. Regardless of whether party leader Alexis Tsipras stays or goes, no one will really listen to what he or his party has to say. And PASOK, meanwhile, is in no position yet to act like a strong opposition with the prospect of rising to power. 

This is not good - not for Mitsotakis and not for the country.

So, who will exercise opposition, in the sense of keeping the government in check? That role will likely fall on the shoulders of the media and civil society. And if these quarters also fail to exercise control and criticism,...

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