‘ArtIstanbul Feshane’ opens its doors to visitors

Feshane, a 190-year-old historical textile manufacturing plant and one of the landmarks of Istanbul, has opened its doors as "ArtIstanbul Feshane" to serve as a cultural and arts complex after five years of restoration work.

Located on the coast of the Golden Horn, Feshane was built by Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II to produce army uniforms in 1833. The structure operated as a factory until 1925 and served as an international fair and congress center between 1989 and 2018.

Following a comprehensive five-year project carried out by the Istanbul Municipality, the historic building was opened with a ceremony and will now host national and international exhibitions in the field of culture and art under the name "ArtIstanbul Feshane."

The structure encompasses an area of 8,000 square meters and includes a biennial space, temporary exhibition areas, a store, conference hall, library and cafe.

The opening of ArtIstanbul Feshane, which will bring culture and art events concentrated in certain centers of the city to the shores of the Golden Horn, featured the exhibition "Starting from the Middle," showcasing the works of 300 artists.

The exhibition comprises more than 400 artworks from different techniques and periods.

While speaking at the opening ceremony, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu expressed his happiness in adding the historic Feshane to the list of several recently completed restoration projects.

"We are a team who collectively feel the responsibility toward this city's ancient history. We value its heritage. Today, we take pride in adding Feshane to this beautiful list."

Following İmamoğlu's speech, a mapping show was held, creating a visual spectacle in the skies of the Golden Horn. The opening concluded with a...

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