EFKA has seven priorities scheduled

The planning of the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) for the next few months provides for the closure of tens of thousands of pending issues.

Retroactive refunds to tens of thousands of insured persons, the cancellation of debts that have not been sought for 10 years, as well as "rebates" for payment of contributions are to be dealt with by this fall.

These are "holes" of the past, which the entity is now hastening to close, as up until now most efforts, both by the management and the workers, have been focused on clearing the large stock of pension applications.

EFKA Director Panagiotis Doufexis, who led the clearing project, broke down the schedule of the agency's parallel actions for Kathimerini.

• Retirees with debts: There was no communication between the systems of the Social Security Debt Collection Center (KEAO) and EFKA's database regarding...

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