Sweeping ND victory, SYRIZA declines further

[InTime News]

New Democracy won a sweeping victory in Sunday's election, securing its leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis a second term in office in an eight-party Parliament which will also feature a strong contingent of far-right parties. 

With 96.94 percent of the votes counted, the conservatives won 40.56 percent and 158 seats in Parliament ahead of second-placed leftist SYRIZA, with 17.84 percent and 47 seats, with a smaller tally compared to the May 21 election. 

PASOK was third with 11.87 percent and 32 seats, while communist KKE won 7.67 percent and 20 seats ahead of far-right Spartiates (Spartans) with 4.69 percent and 13 seats and nationalist Greek Solution on 4.45 percent and 12 seats, and ultra-Orthodox Niki with 3.7 percent and 10 seats. Plevsi Eleftherias (Sailing for Freedom) got 3.17 percent and eight seats. 

The total tally of the parties (Spartiates, Greek Solution...

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