Borrell: On the EU Side there are No Obstacles to the Accession of North Macedonia

@Wikimedia Commons

EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, believes that there is no obstacle to North Macedonia's accession to the block.

When asked by the Bulgarian National Radio, what will be the bloc's next steps if, by November, North Macedonia does not recognize in its constitution the existence of an ethnic Bulgarian minority and does not include the Bulgarians in its basic law as a state-creating nation, as provided for in the so-called French proposal to start negotiations for accession to the European Union, Borrell responded:

"Northern Macedonia is making good progress and from the European side, there is nothing that would block its accession to the EU. In this accession, European principles and standards will be strictly observed. For this, good cooperation is definitely necessary and regional cooperation remains an essential element, as well as stabilization so that the accession process can be implemented. But bilateral issues shall not be binding and shall not determine the accession process."

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