Bulgaria is sending New Military Aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

With the decisions of June 23, the Council of Ministers adopted a new package of military aid and military-technical assistance for Ukraine in the implementation of the decision of the National Assembly of December 9, 2022. This was reported by the government information service last night.

The approved list is comparable in volume with the aid from the first package granted by the caretaker government with a decision of December 22, 2022, states the "Denkov" cabinet.

The Council of Ministers also explains that the provision of this aid will not violate the norms of stocks for the action of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria and their training and combat exercises.

The caretaker cabinet of Galab Donev did everything possible to prevent Bulgaria from providing armed aid to Ukraine. This changed immediately after the new government came to power. The drafts of the caretaker government were withdrawn, according to which the parliament was asked about any arms assistance to Kyiv.

US Ambassador Kenneth Merten has expressed satisfaction with the election of a regular government, emphasizing the positive change in the position towards Ukraine, as well as the expressed readiness to provide assistance during a meeting with Defense Minister Todor Tagarev.

Bulgaria is the main producer in Europe of 122nd and 152nd caliber ammunition, which are from the time of the Cold War. This kind of ammunition is currently very necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have a large number of Soviet-era artillery installations.

"We have already sent aid to Ukraine several times, selectively focusing on humanitarian aid and protective equipment. After the decision of the National Assembly at the end of last year, the Council of...

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