Bulgaria: Three Parties officially nominated the Entrepreneur Vasil Terziev for Mayor of Sofia

Vasil Terziev

The IT entrepreneur Vasil Terziev will be the candidate for Mayor of Sofia of "We Continue the Change", "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Spasi Sofia" with the support of the civic initiative "Ekipat an Sofia". The goal is victory in the first round and a full majority in the Municipal Council.

Vasil Terziev promised large-scale investments in the neighborhoods, transparent management of the city and green policies. During a press conference, he added that the Monument to the Soviet Army should be removed.

According to him, for all this, it will be necessary to win the elections convincingly and behind him stands a stable political union.

The candidate for mayor of Sofia did not give a specific answer as to who made him the offer to be nominated, but said that over the years he received a number of invitations from various political forces to be a member of parliament and a minister. The leader of "Spasi Sofia" (Save Sofia) Boris Bonev added that during the negotiations with "We Continue the Change" and "Democratic Bulgaria", Terziev's name was approved by all political forces.

Vasil Terziev did not answer a question regarding what was heard from the recording from the National Council of the "We Continue the Change", during which it is heard that Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev communicated the idea of a rotating cabinet first to Vasil Terziev, and then to their deputies.

He added that Bulgaria needs a working regular cabinet, but the work for Sofia is a separate matter.

The candidate for mayor said that questions about buying and selling votes will be answered with preliminary preparation, observers in the risk sections and parallel counting. Concerns about the local elections also arose after the last redesign of the Electoral...

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