"Djokovic is tough to bet against!"

The Serbian tennis player is a four-time consecutive champion and has a winning streak on the All-England Club for 28 matches.

"He's definitely the favorite in my eyes, especially after Paris. The amount of confidence he has now, he's won the tournament so many times, he seems extremely comfortable on this surface, so comfortable on Center Court, it's hard to bet against him," Robson said and added:
"The way he moves on this surface is different from anyone else because he's able to take things that he uses on other surfaces, like sliding. He always manages to stay balanced to get under every ball, which is the hardest thing on grass. For him, that is just natural."
Novak decided to skip all single tournaments on grass before Wimbledon, and Robson believes that this is not an aggravating circumstance for him.
"A few weeks ago, I remember talking to him and he told me that clay is the hardest surface for him to adjust to, it takes him a few weeks to feel stable. He just doesn't seem to have that problem on grass," Robson said and added:
"It's an easy transition for him at this point."
His main rival in London is likely to be Carlos Alcaraz, the new-old number one, the guy who won Queens last weekend.
"It was so funny at the beginning of Queens when he was a set down in the first round, like, 'Oh, maybe he just didn't have enough time to prepare.' He kind of turned that match around and got better and better," the Briton said.
Wimbledon starts on July 3.

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