Türkiye marks 2,232nd anniversary of Turkish Land Forces

Türkiye marked the 2,232nd anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Land Forces Command with a statement on the National Defense Ministry's social media account.

"Happy 2,232nd anniversary of the foundation of our Turkish Land Forces Command, which is the living reminder of our history full of glory and honor and has served as the unshakable power of our nation for 2,232 years. We salute each and every single one of the soldiers of this great army, which has achieved numerous victories by raising heroic commanders from Metehan to Atatürk, and we remember our martyrs and veterans who have passed away with mercy and respect," read the statement on the ministry's social media account on June 28.

The date of the foundation of the Turkish Land Forces is based on 209 B.C., the year of the ascension to the throne of the Great Hun Emperor Mete Khan.

The organizational structure that first emerged on the historical stage with Mete Khan has been maintained by other Turkish states that have ruled throughout history up to the present, and the Turkish Land Forces has evolved into one of the top armies in the world, particularly during the Gokturks, Uighurs, Seljuks, and Ottoman periods.

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