Everything reminds of 1999; Horror ensued; Will the situation repeat itself?

According to "Politika", such a situation resulted in a pogrom five years later, and the scenario could be repeated.
Washington and Brussels have lost numerous modalities of control over Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and are still not implementing all available instruments to force him to de-escalate the situation.
There is one more sanction left for the West that would hit Kurti hard, and that is for America to put him on the list of persons who are a threat to democracy and regional peace and for KFOR to be given a mandate to replace the Kosovo Police in the north, which is hard to expect to happen.
Srdjan Graovac from the Center for Social Stability recalls that Kurti emphasized that he would follow the philosophy of the League of Prizren and thereby once again confirmed the ultimate goals of his policy.
"Consequently, there is no doubt that the decision to withdraw the Albanian special police from the north of Kosovo will depend on Kurti's assessment of how much such a move can harm the achievement of his strategic goal. The deployment of Albanian special forces in the north of the province certainly represents one of Kurti's key tactical moves and means for achievement of the final goal," says Graovac and adds that Kurti is trying to provoke an armed response from the Serbian side with the violent actions of the special forces, which he would use to organize a general attack on the Serbs north of the Ibar.
Another goal is for the tension in the north to be constantly at a high level, in order to make life impossible for the Serbs there.
Analyst Predrag Raji tells "Politika" that by not withdrawing special forces, Kurti wants to send a message to the Albanian public that he is ready to go all the way.
He states...

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