Belgrade to Stop Arms Exports ‘In Case of Aggression Against Serbia’

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said that next week he will probably sign a decision banning the further export of ammunition and weapons, because, as he said, the vital national interest of the country is currently threatened.

"We will check how contracts are holding. Everything must be prepared in case of aggression against the Republic of Serbia," Vucic said, after a long speech on the heated situation in Kosovo where for months conflicts have raged between Serbs who are the majority in northern Kosovo and Kosovo Albanian police.

He stated that Serbia is not preparing for any wars and has done everything to de-escalate conflict, but that "it does not depend only on us".

Although the situation in Kosovo is tense, the announcement about arms exports follows reports that Serbian arms are ending up in Ukraine.

Reuters reported in April that although Serbia has refused to join Western sanctions on Russia due to traditional ties with Moscow, it has, according to a classified leaked Pentagon document, agreed to supply arms to Kyiv or has sent them already.

Serbian officials denied the report. However, Vucic told the Financial Times in June that he is "not a fool", and is aware that "some of the arms might end up in Ukraine."

"Is it possible that it's happening? I have no doubts that it might happen. What is the alternative for us? Not to produce it? Not to sell it?" Vucic asked.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it has been said that Serbian weapons have ended up in Ukraine, but not that it sent them directly, but to NATO countries allied to Ukraine.

In June, photos on social media appeared of 120-mm rockets produced in Serbia's Krusik arms factory. The photos show that the rockets were freshly...

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