June Pride Parades and the Digital Ripple Effects on LGBT Rights

Digital Fallout of June Prides: Unveiling Violations of Digital Rights

In June, Pride Parades were held, among others, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Croatia, highlighting the struggle for LGBT rights in these countries.

In Bosnia, the Pride March in Sarajevo celebrated the advances in LGBT rights. However, the event was marred by violent attacks on organizers and activists, which were classified as hate crimes. These incidents served as a reminder of the continued violations and discrimination faced by the LGBT community in the country.

In North Macedonia, the Pride Parade in Skopje aimed to raise awareness and promote acceptance of the LGBT community. However, this event faced additional challenges due to controversial proposed gender-related law changes. The country's Orthodox Church has called for a large protest against these proposed changes, arguing that they would open a "Pandora's box".

In Croatia, the Zagreb Pride March attracted over 10,000 participants who marched in support of the legal recognition of same-sex marriage and to show solidarity with the LGBT community. However, the event took place amid public divisions over a proposed referendum seeking to define marriage as exclusively between heterosexual couples. While the march highlighted support for LGBT rights, it also exposed the existence of societal divisions. Also, participants faced instances of online harassment and discrimination, revealing that violations occur both in physical spaces and in the digital realm.

A participant hold a rainbow coloured plush ball during the Gay Pride march in downtown Zagreb, Croatia, 10 June 2023. Photo: EPA-EFE/ANTONIO BAT

LGBT Misinformation and Hate Speech Unleashed in Croatia


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