Owner of Corfu carriage horse that died on street fined €30,000

[Ministry of Culture/via AMNA]

The owner of a horse that collapsed and died while pulling a tourist carriage through a Corfu street has been arrested and fined 30,000 euros, according to a report by state broadcaster ERT.

The animal died on a public road around noon on Thursday as residents and visitors looked on.

After his arrest for violating animal welfare legislation, the 76-year-old was led before a prosecutor and issued with an administrative fine of 30,000 euros.

The animal was reportedly suffering from a chronic lung condition, making it unsuitable for carriage work.

On Friday, animal welfare associations on the island held a protest on the land, holding banners stating "no more dead animals on the altar of profit" and "Corfu won't become Santorini: stop horse carriages." [ERT]

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