Bulgaria’s National Security Agency: Military Actions in Ukraine may also Spread into other Countries

"Military actions in Ukraine have the potential to spread beyond Ukrainian territory and the option of using weapons of mass destruction cannot be completely ruled out". This is according to a report of the State Agency "National Security" (SANS), published on the website of the Council of Ministers.

The SANS report argues that a Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has significantly eroded the security system in Europe, escalated rivalries between geopolitical actors and created vectors for global energy, economic, and food insecurity. In this context, in 2022, the war in Ukraine and the growing potential for instability in the Western Balkans will have the most significant impact on Bulgaria's national security.

The cyclical escalation of tensions in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa continues to have negative effects. The Black Sea-Caucasus region has emerged as an area of primary importance due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, which has led to the concentration of NATO capabilities to defend member states and contain Russia.

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