Alcaraz's father filmed Djokovic: "I would like to have more privacy"

Fans are banned from entering, journalists are restricted, and there are often great rivals on the pitches, next to each other.
Such was the situation on Monday, when, in addition to the Serbian tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz also trained.
Spaniard, world's number one, arrived with his team, and interestingly, his father closely followed the events at Novak's training, at one point recording everything that was happening.
"That's the situation we are all in, the circumstances are such that we don't have privacy in training, although sometimes I would like to have more privacy. Then it gives me more opportunities to try some things, to communicate more clearly with my team. The fact is that you are not completely relaxed in training. You know your rivals are there, you know everyone is looking over your shoulder at what's going on, what you're working on. Every shot is measured, evaluated and assessed. That, through some analysis, affects the eventual meeting with Alcaraz or anyone tomorrow. Concentration is required. For me, training is like a match. I bring that intensity to training as well. Sometimes the atmosphere is more casual if I'm feeling better, more tense if I'm feeling bad. The bottom line is that you don't want to give your rivals the impression that you're weak, that you're nervous... The fact is that we are all very focused," said Djokovic.
Djokovic will play against Andrei Rublev in the Wimbledon quarterfinals on Tuesday around 16:00.

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