He was definitely executed; And, it's pure revenge

Let us remind you that the commander of the submarine, 42-year-old captain 2nd rank Stanislav Ruzhitsky, was liquidated on the territory of Russia, in the city of Krasnodar. He was ambushed while jogging, according to the latest details released today.
The news of his death was confirmed by numerous Russian media and communication channels: from the state agency TASS, which referred to police sources, to the Telegram channels Shot, Baza and Mash.
Captain Ruzhitsky, they announced, was met by an unknown person near the Olympus Arena sports complex in Krasnodar, who shot him four times in the chest and back, after which the person fled. Ruzhitsky died on the spot.
In addition to being the commander of the infamous submarine that launched Caliber missiles at Ukrainian civilians during the war, Ruzhitsky was recently in charge of recruitment as he was appointed deputy head of the department for mobilization work in Krasnodar and the surrounding region.
Ukrainians have been accusing him in their war databases since last year of "direct participation in the military invasion of Ukraine".
They state that during the aggression he commanded the submarine "Alrosa" as part of the Black Sea Fleet, from which rockets were fired at Ukrainian territory and civilian targets on several occasions.
The Ukrainian media included Ruzhitsky on the list of Russian submarine captains who carried out the deadly attack on Vinica exactly one year ago, when 27 innocent people died and more than a hundred were wounded. Ukrainian partisans have so far managed to carry out a whole series of murders of key collaborationist figures in Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation, such as Crimea and Kherson.
They were somewhat less active on the territory...

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