Istanbul's bike lanes in dire condition

According to local media, Istanbul's congested traffic makes it nearly impossible to ride a bicycle, which is supposed to be an alternate and healthier mode of transportation, as the city lacks enough bicycle lanes.

Although there are bicycle lanes in almost all of the districts in Istanbul, they are mostly turned into parking spaces for cars. The lanes are constantly interrupted due to obstructions and bicycle users suddenly find themselves in the midst of traffic.

It was observed by local media officials that there was a kiosk built on the bicycle lane near the beach, one of the busiest places in Üsküdar district. In addition, the bike lane and parking area were left for the use of pedestrians, as six out of the seven rental bikes in the rental area established by Istanbul Municipality were broken and/or faulty.

The absence of bicycle signboards in Kadıköy's coastline area, where there are several bike lanes, also caught attention. The lack of these signboards makes it difficult for bicycles and pedestrians to recognize the road divide. While some cyclists do not use the lane designated for them, some pedestrians use the lane carelessly, making it challenging for cyclists to pass.

In Kağıthane district on the European side, while the separation of the bicycle lane from the main road appeared to be appropriate, it was seen that the benches on the lane covered a large part of it. The lane is mostly used by cars since there are no concrete separators, which are used for preventing the entry of vehicles on the sides of bicycle lanes.

Speaking to local media about these problems, Murat Suyabatmaz, head of the Cyclists Association, stated that a significant number of bicycle lanes and parking spaces in Istanbul are not fit for use.<...

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