Vučić: Eastern Serbia is gaining significance; The whole country will look different

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, visited the works on the construction of a high-speed road from the Poarevac interchange, via Veliko Gradite, to the municipality of Golubac.
On the first section of the high-speed road, work is being carried out on the construction of a new bridge over Velika Morava.
The construction of high-speed roads through Serbia, such as roads from Poarevac to Golubac, will affect not only the raising of citizens' standards, but will also improve the quality of life and encourage Serbian citizens, who have found work abroad, to return to Serbia, said Vui.
"It should be finished by the end of 2025. We will reach Belgrade-Gradite in an hour and five, an hour and 10 minutes, Belgrade-Golubac in an hour and 20. The whole east is gaining in significance, then we will negotiate a continuation. Then we will move on, Golubac - Donji Milanovac - Palanka", pointed out Vui and added that the Danube Corridor is the key to the development of Branievo and Bor Districts, so that people stay in this region.
As he said, we are doing and building this because a good part of people want to return from abroad, and the road is a condition for such a thing.
"A large number of people are thinking of returning from abroad. When we were building the road from Krepoljin to agubica and from Petrovac to Krepoljin, as we are now building the bridge, which is slightly south of this road, but connects us with Homolje and the east of Serbia, we thought about those people. Let them see that they will have lower costs, higher incomes and a job that they can always find. Let it be an open invitation for them to return to our country," said Vui during a tour of the works.

He pointed out that the whole country will look different, as...

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