‘88 pct of fires break out due to human-induced reasons’


Some 88 percent of the forest fires break out due to human-induced reasons, while the number of such incidents has risen significantly in the last two decades, says a prominent environmental organization.

Deniz Ataç, a senior official from The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA), stated that they continue comprehensive efforts in the second year of their awareness project on forest fires.

Reminding that inappropriate human activities are the main causes of most of the forest fires, Ataç noted that even a small spark can lead to massive forest fires.

"Forests are not just a collection of trees, but ecosystems. Our carbon-absorbing forests are turning into sources of carbon emissions due to fires. It takes decades for them to reach their current carbon storage capacities," Ataç said during her speech at the project's meeting on July 11.

"To prevent forest fires, we should adopt the principles of not discarding cigarette butts and glass bottles, not burning stubble, and extinguishing barbecue fires."

Meanwhile, in the fires that broke out in two districts of the southern province of İzmir on July 10, a total of 390 hectares of land were damaged, local authorities informed on July 12, adding that two houses were also completely burned.

It was determined that a spark from a welding machine a man used in his garden resulted in the forest fire.

Within the scope of the new measures against forest fires, a force of 21 firefighting aircraft, 94 helicopters, 25,000 trained personnel, and a staggering 120,000 dedicated volunteers are poised to combat the raging infernos and safeguard Türkiye's precious woodlands this year.

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