Bulgaria: Political Reactions to the proposal for New Military Aid to Ukraine

Bulgarian political party GERB-SDS stated that the proposal submitted to the parliament for new military aid to Ukraine foresees the provision of over 100 pieces of armored equipment, which is no longer needed for the Bulgarian gendarmerie, but is still functional.

"The review continues, of course, of what can be provided from the Bulgarian side, but so far this is a significant contribution to the aid that is already being provided. In the conditions we are in, which are fortunately peaceful, there is no need for this armored equipment. In Ukraine, it will be beneficial for the Ukrainian military," said GERB Deputy Chairman Daniel Mitov.

Stanislav Balabanov, the MP from "There Is Such a People" announced that his party will come out with a position on whether they approve of sending new military aid to Ukraine - after they get acquainted with the proposal and receive guarantees that national security will not be threatened.

"If a hundred armored personnel carriers will go to Ukraine, what will be left in Bulgaria? Are the S-300s included in this aid, because we have two installations: one guards the Kozloduy NPP, the other guards Sofia. As a member state of the European Union, we are doing our best to empathize with the tragedy in Ukraine, but we need to know exactly what we are sending and what is the meaning of this aid, because if it is about exposing our security, we will be against it," commented Balabanov.

The proposal for this aid was submitted by GERB-SDS, "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS).

The chairman of the DPS, Mustafa Karadayi, was more than laconic about the decision to send armored personnel carriers, station in the "Internal Troops" part...

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