German couple on world tour pass by eastern city

A German couple who kicked off a six-month-long motorcycle journey around the world has passed by the eastern province of Mardin following their visit to various other cities in Türkiye.

Susi and Jens Radeliald, a German couple with two children, went on a motorcycle tour around the world about six months ago.

After visiting Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Armenia, the couple traveled to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Safranbolu, Gümüşhane, Bayburt and then to Mardin, where different cultures and religions have thrived together for centuries.

Tarık Ayebe, head of Derik North Sportive Aviation Club, helped the couple to communicate with the locals.

The couple visited the Armenian Kevork Church, Martyr District Governor Muhammet Fatih Safitürk Mosque, GAP Waterfall and the 200-year-old historic prison.

After visiting historical sites in Mardin, the couple reportedly went to the Derik district to set up their tent.

Speaking to local media, Jens Radeliald stated the people in the region were friendly and that they even felt safe enough to sleep outside under a tree.

"We travel about 350 kilometers a day. We wanted to see all the countries of the world. Among the countries we visited, this region was our personal favorite. People in the area are friendly. They immediately took care of us and offered us food."

After camping, the couple left the district on their motorcycles to visit İskenderun and Hatay.

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