There is No Longer any Danger of Pollution of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast from Nova Kakhovka

The Minister of Environment and Water, Yulian Popov assured that the topic of water purity on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast no longer has grounds to be raised in connection with the tragedy at the "Nova Kakhovka" dam in Ukraine, after its wall was blown up.

"The purity of the sea water is something that is constantly monitored and we have to monitor it in the future," he pointed out and called on anyone who notices something wrong, for example, the release of fecal waters into the sea, to notify the environmental department immediately.

"Since the beginning of the war, the Black Sea and the air in these areas have been monitored very closely," Julian Popov also assured and noted that he had spoken with his Romanian colleague, who could not understand where the panic and concern in Bulgaria about the cleanliness of the water came from.

"The case of Nova Kakhovka and the ecological destruction of Ukraine is a very serious problem, but it is on the territory of Ukraine," the minister also noted.

He commented that there is also very active propaganda on the part of Russia with the aim of ruining the tourist season in Bulgaria and Romania.

He assured that his ministry worked very hard to be able to continuously provide objective information about the cleanliness of the Black Sea waters.

In connection with the negotiations with the European Commission for the renegotiation of the Plan for Recovery and Development in the part about the released emissions, Popov confirmed that they are currently working on an alternative for Bulgaria to offer to Brussels.

"It will have a focus on energy efficiency - to allocate more resources to energy efficiency and the growth of renewable energy sources....

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