SYRIZA leadership vote set for Sep 10

SYRIZA members will elect their new leader on September 10 and, if necessary, on a second round on September 16, among four declared candidates.

Earlier, on September 3, the left-wing party's Standing Congress - that is, the delegates to the last party Congress, held in April 2022 - will meet to discuss the technicalities of the election, in which all party members - about 170,000 - are eligible to vote.

A competing proposal called for a new party congress on October 24 and the election of a new leader on November 26, but it was defeated, 160-88, in the party's Central Committee Sunday afternoon. Those who proposed a later election date wanted a thorough debate on party positions, ideology as well as one on the reasons for its resounding defeat in two national elections on May 21 and June 25. Proponents of an earlier election said the party could not contest local...

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