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As a result of the storm, parts of Vojvodina and Belgrade were left without electricity.
Due to the storm, the Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla" was temporarily closed yesterday, and there were also difficulties in the functioning of railway traffic.
Ten people, including five children, were rescued by firefighters from the forest in Beocin in the Dunav settlement, and one woman was rescued from a car in Bege.
Firefighters rescued a man from a boat on which a tree fell on Ribarski Island in Novi Sad, while Kragujevac fire-rescuers rescued three people. In Sremska Mitrovica, the strong wind carried everything in front of it, and the storm also affected abac, where roofs collapsed, and falling tiles damaged cars on the street. The storm, accompanied by hurricane-like wind gusts, also hit Belgrade. A strong wind, accompanied by rain, raised a lot of dust, while objects and flower pots fell from the terraces.
Due to the force of the wind, a construction crane collapsed in New Belgrade.

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As reported by RTS, a tree fell on a girl in Novi Sad, and the wind knocked a man off his scooter.
The girl was treated on the spot and after treatment was brought to the children's surgery department at the Children's Hospital and is in a conscious and stable condition.

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The storm also hit Kruevac, where several streets were flooded.
The storm also affected Kragujevac last night, and there was a disruption in the electricity supply in the settlements of Petrovac, Stragari, Gronica, Dragobraca.
There are also fallen trees, confirmed the...

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