Survey: More than Half of Bulgarians are Against Early Elections and 22% Approve the Work of New Cabinet

More than half of Bulgarians do not want early parliamentary elections, and 22% positively evaluate the work of the government. These are some of the conclusions of a "Trend" survey commissioned by "24 Chasa"

Parliament has been hovering at low performance ratings, with a slight 3-point rise to 14% approval in July. The reason is probably the more active work of the institution in the last month.

The government finds the strongest support among the supporters of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (over three quarters), while GERB sympathizers seem divided in half. The electorates of the other formations express a negative assessment in their vast majority.

After the drop of 7% in the positive assessment of the president's work last month, the current survey registered a stabilization in the assessment of the head of state - 37% express a positive assessment and 51% negative. The visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Bulgaria coincided with the field of the study and a possible effect of the visit could be accounted for in our next study.

No significant dynamics were observed in the electoral attitudes. GERB (24.8%) remains the leader with a lead of just over 5% of voters. They are followed by "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" with 19.1% of those who said that they will vote in possible elections. The third place remains for "Vazrazhdane" with the support of 15.5% of the voters, followed by DPS (13.7%) and BSP (8.6%). "There Is Such a People" remains right on the threshold of the parliamentary barrier with 4% of the voters. The "I support no one" option continues to grow for another month, reaching levels of 6.3% in July.

More than half (52%) of Bulgarians are of the opinion that early...

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