Dacic: Suriname great friend to Serbia, we will develop cooperation

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Ivica Dacic received Surinamese counterpart Albert Ramdin on Monday.

He said Suriname was extremely friendly to Serbia and noted that the two countries had expressed readiness to develop cooperation at the highest level in all fields.

At a joint press conference with Ramdin, Dacic thanked Suriname for de-recognising the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called Kosovo in 2017 and added that de-recognitions by 27 other countries had taken place since.

"In fact, the whole organised action by the state leadership when it comes to a redefinition of the decisions by certain countries on the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo began with the de-recognition by Suriname. Besides, Suriname has also voted against Kosovo's applications for admission to Unesco and Interpol - they voted against the admission in both cases, which...

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