Orban condemned EU Federalism and the "LGBTQ Offensive”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday in Romania that the opening of the East is important because it needs a "world economy, not a closed and rigid European Union", "Agerpres" agency reported. In a speech to Romania's Summer University, Orban also renewed his attacks on what he called the European Union's "LGBTQ offensive" and said his nationalist government would defend the country's Christian roots.

Orban expressed hope that next year's European Parliament elections will strengthen the positions of EU governments that reject the "federalism" represented by Germany and France.

The Reuters agency reminds that the Hungarian prime minister is a long-time critic of Brussels, and in 2021 he pushed through a law that prohibits the use of materials promoting homosexuality and gender change in schools in Hungary. In addition to the topic of "LGBTQ propaganda", as defined by the Hungarian prime minister, he is at odds with Brussels on other issues such as the rule of law and reforms in the media and in the judicial system in Hungary, notes "Reuters".

"Is the EU an empire or (individual) nations? We should have no illusions: the federalists are trying to push us out", Orban said. He pointed out that "they openly wanted a change in the government (in 2022) in Hungary", and added that now the same is happening in Poland, where parliamentary elections will take place in the autumn.

In his words, the balance between federalists and nations unwilling to cede more powers to Brussels was upset when Britain left the bloc and now only Warsaw and Budapest maintain their anti-federalist positions.

Speaking at the Summer University in the Romanian city of Baile Tusnad, Viktor Orban said...

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