A new bridge to be built between Serbia and Romania?

An initiative for the construction of a bridge between Serbia and Romania at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge was signed in Golubac.
Mayors of the seven border municipalities believe that this would contribute to the faster development of the Danube region.
Although seemingly close, by land from Golubac to Moldova Nou on the Romanian bank of the Danube, the neighbors have to travel at least 200 kilometers. That is why the signing of the initiative for the construction of a bridge at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge made all the locals happy, writes RTS.
The initiative with the municipality of Golubac was signed by six border municipalities from Romania, which they will send to the competent ministries and governments of the two countries. The bridge should span 370 meters of the Danube and would be the only one from Smederevo to Kladovo.
"The Danube region would develop faster, the municipalities that gravitate towards that region would strengthen economically much faster and simply where you have a greater traffic of goods, people and services, of course that area will develop quickly and economically", says Neboja Mijovi, the mayor of the municipality of Golubac.
The idea for the bridge between Golubac and Coronini was inspired by the construction of the expressway to eastern Serbia. Representatives of Romanian municipalities say that Belgrade is five times closer to them than Bucharest.
"This bridge could once again revive our port, which was the largest industrial port in this area, but also make the transport of our goods by road cheaper and increase the traffic of goods with Serbia. So, the perspective is very broad," says Jan Kiselica, Mayor of the Romanian municipality of Moldova Nou.
The new bridge would speed...

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