Marinakis: Gov’t firm in upholding law amid ‘beach-towel revolt’ protests on Aegean islands

Prompted by protests on popular Aegean Sea resort islands, dubbed the "beach-towel revolt," the Greek government said it remains firm in upholding the law and refrains from making concessions. Government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis emphasized this stance on Skai TV's morning bulletin on Thursday.

The protests center around concerns about the excessive commercial exploitation of beaches across the country. Marinakis highlighted the importance of respecting the law and adhering to concession contracts for specific beach areas.

He acknowledged the effectiveness of civil society in drawing attention to critical matters and reassured the public that the government has already taken measures to address the protestors' concerns.

Incidents on Paros in the Cyclades and other islands have prompted inspections and enforcement of regulations. Marinakis revealed that...

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