Telekom Srbija: Pristina wants to shut down our daughter company in Kosovo-Metohija

BELGRADE - Telekom Srbija announced on Friday it had received from Pristina's business registers agency a decision abolishing MTS doo, its daughter company in Kosovo-Metohija.

In a statement, Telekom Srbija said the decision, dated July 31, was "factually and legally groundless and contrary to European principles, standards and international law."

"It represents a clear breach of rule of law and violates the confirmed agreements between Serbia, Pristina and the EU," it said.

The move is based on a completely absurd claim that a member of the company's management has a passport issued by the Republic of Serbia, even though, in all official documentation, members of the management use documents issued by the interim institutions, in line with the Brussels Agreement, Telekom Srbija said.

MTS doo was founded in full compliance with the September 8, 2013...

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