Truck drivers tighten measures against migrants’ smuggling attempts

After the deaths of six illegal migrants in the past 14 days due to lack of oxygen in the trailers of trucks they sneaked in at the border province of Edirne, drivers and transportation companies have started to take measures to prevent the boarding of migrants.

In Edirne, the busiest province for those seeking to cross into Europe, trucks carrying exports are "viewed as favorable vehicles for stowaways." A large number of migrants aiming to smuggle to Europe through Türkiye have been recently attempting to sneak into the trailers of trucks waiting for inspections or stooping at the rest stop facilities at border gates in Edirne.

However, as some of the attempts resulted in death, truck drivers and companies have been forced to increase security measures, including installing cameras inside the trailers to monitor the inside of the trailer.

Truck driver Cemil Binboğa stated that such incidents occur frequently, especially in truck parks near border crossings, adding that migrants cut open the tarpaulins and climb into the trailers, embarking on such a dangerous journey at the risk of their lives.

The governor's office of the border city also instructed local businesses serving truck drivers to take extra measures against migrants. Rest stops where drivers park their vehicles before heading to Europe are now encircled by high fences with barbed wire on top, while each is required to keep security cameras on 24/7. Some also hired extra staff to keep an eye out for stowaways.

Fırat Bulut, a rest stop owner, said that their security guards are patrolling the premises to stop illegal migrants, covering an area where some 400 trucks stop over.

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