EXPO 2027: "Serbia under the global spotlight – three million visitors expected"

Serbia will host more than 120 countries.

All of them will come to Belgrade to present themselves, which will be an opportunity to discuss collaboration, the economy, and new job opportunities. During 2027, Belgrade will become a global capital of education, culture, and innovation as representatives from dozens of countries gather in the capital for the Expo exhibition.
"EXPO is the most important event in the last few decades. Serbia received the highest number of votes, which confirms everything we have been working on. In 2012, we were on the brink of bankruptcy, and 15 years later, we will be the center of the world. More than three million visitors will come," said Mali.
"During those three months, we will have three million visitors. As the president has said, everything is on the clock until 2027. We will leverage Expo and take it a step further. We see this as a new development opportunity. Just as Roosevelt launched the 'New Deal,' we plan to invest 12 to 14 billion euros in this entire project. We will invest not only in the capital city but in the whole of Serbia," Mr. Mali added.
Minister Mali called on citizens to contribute their ideas to the Expo.
"It's up to us to stand united and to invest where needed, because historically, we need to seize this moment. We have fulfilled every promise we've made so far. We will give our best, and that's why I invite all of you to participate," Mr. Mali said.


In Paris, Serbia triumphed over strong competitors coming from Argentina, Minnesota, Thailand, and the Spanish city of Malaga. This victory secured the hosting rights for the World Expo 2027 in our country. Organizing this event will bring significant financial inflow to our nation,...

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