A Bulgarian faces 80 Years in US Prison on charges of sending Sensitive Electronics to Russia

A Bulgarian arrested in Greece after being wanted by Interpol, as he was being pursued by the American authorities, is threatened with 80 years in prison. The authorities in Washington are demanding for the Bulgarian citizen to be extradited on charges that he illegally sent sensitive electronics to Russia. At the moment, the tech in question is located in the family laboratory in Sofia, and Milan Dimitrov claims that he is innocent and is involved in a Hollywood action for edification.

His story is told by bTV.

Dimitrov was arrested by the police in Greece in December following a US warrant. An FBI investigation claims that Milan, together with his father, sent special electronic chips to Russia.

"The Americans themselves turned to the Greek court, who asked for evidence that these things were sent to Russia, they sent answers that they have no evidence, but still they want my extradition. I completely see through this - to play a propaganda circus 'we caught the terrible spies with incredible technologies, and then we weren't right'," said Milan Dimitrov by phone from the Greek prison.

The Bulgarian is charged with money laundering, conspiracy, violations of export control regulations and providing false information to US authorities. For each of them, he is threatened with 20 years.

The father and son are accused of obtaining radiation-resistant chips from a Texas company and sending them to Russia.

"They say that our company received more than 1 million dollars to buy the machines in question and exported them to Russia. These machines cost 53,605 dollars," said Milan Dimitrov.

But US prosecutors say the rad-hard chips were supplied by a company in Texas but sent to Russia through a company in...

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