Day 538 of the Invasion of Ukraine: With a Huge Military Parade, Poland looks to Russia and the Elections

Day 538 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • With a huge military parade, Poland looks to Russia and the elections
  • Hands behind your back: How the Russian military inspected the merchant ship in the Black Sea
  • Kyiv has revealed which Russian missile is invisible to Ukrainian air defense
  • Moscow hit residential buildings, a hypermarket and a kindergarten yard in Lviv
  • Three people have died in Ukraine after massive Russian missile fire
  • The US announced new military aid for 200 million dollars
  • Russia stops the supply of parts to Bulgaria and other countries that gave weapons to Ukraine
  • After the ruble's collapse, the Russian central bank sharply raised the main interest rate
  • Moldova emptied the Russian embassy in Chisinau
  • Storm in the sky: Turkish passenger plane flew over Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the war

With a huge military parade, Poland looks to Russia and the elections

Poland staged a military parade on a scale not seen in decades, two months before crucial parliamentary elections, but also at a time of growing strain on Eastern Europe's leading economy.

Over 2,000 troops from Poland and other NATO countries marched in the capital. The assembled crowd and television viewers saw over 200 units of military equipment and 92 aircraft.

The event, in honor of the army holiday, was an opportunity to show off the country's new weapons - from American M1 Abrams tanks and HIMARS rocket launchers to...

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