The Bulgarians who were Detained for Espionage in Favor of Russia posed as Journalists in the UK

The three Bulgarian citizens arrested in Great Britain for espionage for Russia remain in custody. Their remand is expected to be heard at the end of September, and they will appear in court in January next year.

Bulgarians Orlin Rusev, Biser Jambazov and Katrin Ivanova were arrested in February together with two other persons who were later released. British media reveal new details about the activities on the Island of the three detainees.

"Putin's spies arrested in Britain", "Russian spies from Northolt ring detained", "Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia" and "The spy who lives next door" are the front pages of almost all British media today.

The subject of the arrested Bulgarians is a leading one for the newspaper "Times", according to which Orlin Rusev, Biser Jambazov and Katrin Ivanova also presented themselves as journalists. During a search of the home of one of the detainees, fake press cards and clothing were found, with the help of which they posed as employees of two popular American documentary television channels. The publication quoted its sources from Scotland Yard, according to which, disguised as a TV crew, the three collected information in various locations in London, as well as in Germany and Montenegro.

The 45-year-old Rusev, who is known to be a former adviser to the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy, had business relations in Russia, and is the owner of a company for tracking communication and electronic signals, is named as the "brain" of the operation. He was detained at a guest house in Great Yarmouth. It was searched thoroughly and there was a noticeable police presence around it for days, as well as testimony for the BBC from a neighbor.

"There was a huge tent. I thought: Oh, someone's been...

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