Flight data reveals most pricey ticket of 2023

The most expensive flight in the nation this year, according to information from a travel booking platform, was a one-way trip from Istanbul to Shanghai that cost 66,600 Turkish Liras ($2,500).

Online travel platform Turna.com announced their data for the first seven months of 2023 based on air ticket sales.

According to the statistics, the most expensive international one-way flight ticket sold in 2023 was on a flight from Istanbul to Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the most expensive round-trip international flight ticket was sold on the Istanbul-Mexico City route at 129,900 liras.

On domestic flights, the most expensive one-way flight ticket was from Izmir to Diyarbakır province at 6,024 liras, while the most expensive round-trip flight ticket was sold for 9,241 liras on the Istanbul - Antalya route.

The cheapest one-way flight ticket on domestic routes was sold on the Dalaman - Istanbul flight at 384 liras, while the cheapest domestic round-trip flight ticket was on the Istanbul - Konya flight. The cheapest one-way international flight ticket was sold for Istanbul - Tehran flight at only 263 liras.

The data also revealed that the most expensive tickets were sold in June, while the cheapest were sold in February and March for domestic flights and in April and May for international flights.

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