Day 544 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Erdogan and Putin to meet in September "If they Find Time"

Day 544 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Erdogan and Putin to meet in September "if they find time"
  • The first deliveries of F-16s from the Netherlands and Denmark to Ukraine are expected around the New Year
  • Ukraine will be able to use the donated F-16s only on its own territory
  • Drones fly towards Moscow, saboteurs also set fire to the railway infrastructure in the region
  • Ukraine says it repelled Russian attacks in Kharkiv Oblast, Kyiv advances in the east
  • German expert: The war in Ukraine will last at least until 2025
  • Ukraine is close to a deal with global insurers for coverage for grain ships
  • Zelensky will attend a dinner with the leaders of the Western Balkans in Greece
  • The Russian prosecutor's office targeted the country's richest businessman

Erdogan and Putin to meet in September "if they find time"

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will try to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin face-to-face in September if the two find a suitable time between two forums, "Мilliyet" quoted him as saying.

According to the Turkish leader, a similar conversation is possible between the G-20 meeting in India (September 9-10) and the UN General Assembly (leadership participation this year begins on September 19).

"If we find an opportunity in this tense situation, we will meet and talk with Putin face to face," he explained. Earlier, "AHABER" spoke of a meeting between the two in early September, without it being known whether it...

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