Indian PM Modi in Greece: A historic visit

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi gestures at the plenary session of the 2023 BRICS Summit at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday. [EPA]

Greece and India are systematically working to strengthen bilateral ties. The visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Athens on August 25 will be the culmination of diplomatic efforts of the last years. It was only 40 years ago when Indira Gandhi flew to Greece on the invitation of her counterpart, Andreas Papandreou. In the interim, three Indian presidents - Zail Singh in 1986, APJ Abdul Kalam in 2007 and Ram Nath Kovind in 2018 - paid state visits.

Greece-Indian relations are marked by mutual respect and a common understanding of world challenges. While history plays an important role, current affairs are of high significance. The Mediterranean Basin certainly differs from the Indo-Pacific Region but Athens and New Delhi agree on the norms that could safeguard stability and peace. They both believe in the importance of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.<...

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