Ties with India looking up with Modi visit

Narendra Modi's visit to Athens on Friday is especially significant for Greek foreign policy as it is the first official visit by an Indian prime minister to Greece in 40 years. Indira Gandhi, then premier of India, visited Greece in 1983, at the invitation of her counterpart, Andreas Papandreou.

According to sources, Friday's meeting is essentially a "kick-off," as another meeting between Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis and his Indian counterpart will follow between September 18-21 in New York, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. 

Greece and India are expanding their partnership, with an initial focus on defense. The Indian Air Force took part in a European military exercise staged in Greece this spring, while India and Greece held a combined naval exercise in Crete. 

Furthermore, Greek fighter jets are expected to take part in an Indian Air...

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