After 30 years: Bulgaria Won again the Team World Title in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bulgaria's female competitors won the team title at the 40th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in the Spanish city of Valencia. Thus, the team takes the gold again after a break of 30 years, BTA reported.

Team champions of the planet were Boryana Kaleyn, Stiliyana Nikolova and Eva Brezalieva, who represented the country in the individual competition and women's ensemble consisting of Zhenina Trashlieva, Sofia Ivanova, Kamelia Petrova, Rachel Stoyanov and Radina Tomova. Bulgaria collected 330,150 points.

In 1993, again in Spain, but in the city of Alicante, Maria Petrova, Yulia Baicheva and Branimira Markova became team champions. Now Markova became a team world champion both as a coach and as a competitor 30 years ago.

Germany came in second place with 326,350 points, and Italy in third place with 323,850 points.

Bulgaria has four honors from the championships in Valencia after Boryana Kaleyn took silver medals in the club and ribbon finals and Stiliyana Nikolova was the bronze medalist in ball.

The judges for Bulgaria are Filipa Filipova and Hristiana Todorova.

Tomorrow, the World Championships in Valencia continue with the women's all-around with the participation of Boryana Kaleyn and Stiliyana Nikolova. The Bulgarian women are in the second group, which starts at 18:45 p.m. Bulgarian time. The two have the 2nd and 3rd starting numbers, respectively, and Nikolova starts first with a ball and Kalein with clubs.

The final team standings are:

1. Bulgaria - 330,150 points, 2. Germany - 326,350 points, 3. Italy - 323,850, 4. Israel - 319,850, 5. Spain - 317,850, 6. Ukraine - 315,250

The ensemble all-around competition did not go as expected, BNR informs. The Bulgarian quintet was left without a...

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