Service sector leads Turkish economy

The service sector had the highest proportion in the number of enterprises and employment in Türkiye in 2022, according to the Annual Industry and Service Statistics announced yesterday by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

As per temporary results, 43.7 percent of the active enterprises in 2022 was in the service sector and 36.1 percent was in the trade sector. While 38.3 percent of the total employment was in the service sector, 28.7 percent was in the industry sector, TÜİK said.

"Trade sector took first place with the 43 percent share of overall turnover," the institute said in a statement.

"While the turnover share of the service sector, which had the highest share of enterprises and employment, was 15.0 percent, the turnover share of the industry sector was 37.1 percent," it added.

In 2022, the total production value in the manufacturing sector was 10.3 trillion Turkish Liras ($390 billion).

The production value was 2.38 trillion liras ($90 billion) in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning production and distribution, 2.35 trillion liras ($0.89 billion) in trade, 1.94 trillion liras ($73 billion) in transportation and storage and 1.73 trillion liras ($65 billion) in construction.

According to the temporary results, the turnover in 2022 was 36.90 trillion liras ($1.39 trillion), the production value was 22.01 trillion liras ($830 billion), and the value added at factor cost was 5.6 trillion ($210 billion) liras, while the total purchases of goods and services were realized as 33.95 trillion liras ($1.28 billion).

According to TÜİK, 56.4 percent of enterprises in the manufacturing sector took part in low-technology activities.

"These enterprises involved in low technology activities accounted...

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