Firefighters battle flare-ups and a total of 150 blazes around the country

Hundreds of firefighters continued to battle flare-ups in major fires in northeastern Greece, Attica, the adjoining regional unit of Boeotia and the island of Andros.

According to a Fire Service announcement Sunday evening, firefighters were battling 105 wildfires on Sunday, with 46 of them having broken out in the 24 hours between Saturday evening and Sunday evening.
In the northeastern regional units of Evros and Rodopi, a massive wildfire believed to have caused 20 of the 21 wildfire-related deaths in the past week, was burning for a ninth day.

The blaze, where smaller fires combined to form one of the largest single wildfires ever to have struck a European Union country, has decimated vast tracts of forest and burned homes in outlying areas of the city of Alexandroupoli. 

The wildfire has scorched 77,000 hectares (297 square miles) of land and had 120...

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