A brand-new bridge in only three months! Total cost of 1,5 million EUR

President Vui said that the bridge was constructed at a record speed and that it represents a vital infrastructure asset for the entire region. He mentioned that the bridge is 12.5 meters wide and that the construction costs are one and a half million euros.

In addition to the bridge, it's also important to address the road, which is in terrible condition, noted Vui.
"The problem is that something stands there for years, without maintenance, and then it needs to be renovated. Some say it is a small bridge, but the price of it was one and a half million euros. This is a matter of our attitude toward people; this is important to them. This entire bridge that you see was demolished, and an entirely new bridge was built in three months. The priority is to build the bridge in Kuevo, as it connects us with Majdanpek. There's also this road in Kostolac, which is in terrible condition. You should check that," he said.
He also noticed that there are increasingly more foreigners in the construction sector, especially Indians.
"We have more and more foreigners in the construction sector. We have more work and fewer workers. They mostly come to Serbia from India, Turkey, Bangladesh... It's not easy to do that. They worked day and night to get everything done," said Vui.
He added that the state listened to the citizens, and the bridge was completed in three months.
"I learned a few things from that. First, we have companies that can quickly and safely build bridges. But I also learned that we can't isolate ourselves and sit in our offices; we must go to the people, hear what they say, and see what they want. Thank you for the lesson you've given us," said Vui.
He mentioned that landslide repair remains, and he says a lot has been done...

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