Bulgaria: Additional Protection has been assigned to Vasil Bozhkov and his Family

Additional protection has been assigned to Vasil Bozhkov and his family, announced Georgi Gatev - the lawyer of the gambling businessman. This happened with a prosecutor's decree, after Bozhkov himself requested a few months ago to be guarded.

Today, his questioning as a witness in the case opened on his allegations that he paid bribes to former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and former Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov ended.

Vasil Bozhkov's lawyer explained that he could not say whether there were threats against his client, but the additional security was for the security of the accused businessman. Gatev said that so far Vasil Bozhkov has not shared any concerns. The businessman himself requested the security a few months ago, when he announced from Dubai that he was ready to testify.

"The truth is that physical protection has already been imposed on him because there is a possible danger, as you can see, to his health or to his loved ones. There is such possible information and that is why these measures are being taken. From this moment there is an order to take measures for his protection. He is not afraid, but like any normal person he has some concerns. As you can see what kind of world we live in. Who is safe? Because there is danger, as you see and hear in the media, possibly for his health or for his loved ones. There is such information, that's why these measures are being taken".

Bozhkov's protection will be carried out by employees of the Main Directorate "Security" or the Ministry of the Interior, and in addition to it, the businessman also has private security.

After nearly nine hours of questioning, yesterday and today, Bozhkov confirmed what he had said so far, that he gave 60 million leva to pay the...

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