Day 554 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Orban thinks Kyiv has no chance against Russia and that only Trump can Stop the War

Day 554 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Orban: Ukraine has no chance against Russia. Only Trump can save the West
  • The terrorist Girkin has announced that he will run for president against the weak Putin
  • Lukashenko described as "stupid" the demands for "Wagner" to leave Belarus
  • Six Ukrainian soldiers were killed during missions with two helicopters
  • A Ukrainian drone was shot down in the Moscow region, the Russian authorities announced
  • Ukraine destroyed 4 Russian Il-76s in the attack on Pskov
  • Ukrainian military showed the German "Gepard" in action
  • New video with Prigozhin immediately before the crash
  • ISW: Moscow is worried about Prigozhin even after his death
  • Kadyrov: I am Putin's foot soldier. I don't belong to myself

Orban: Ukraine has no chance against Russia. Only Trump can save the West

"Ukraine has no chance against Russia. Trump is the West's only hope".

This was announced by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an interview with the American TV presenter Tucker Carlson, who since the beginning of the war has been firmly in the camp of Vladimir Putin. The Prime Minister pointed out that the victory of Kyiv against Moscow is "impossible" because the Ukrainians "will finish earlier".

"What will ultimately count will be the boots on the ground, and the Russians are much stronger," Orban points out.

He adds, seemingly regretting that a historic opportunity...

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