On Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen: The Netherlands wants Functioning Justice System, Austria - Impermeable Borders

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov announced that the main requirements to enter Schengen from the Dutch side are for Bulgaria to have a functioning justice system, and from Austria's side - to reduce the migration flow.

On August 23, Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner announced that he does not support the entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area. The position of the Netherlands against Bulgaria's entry into Schengen also remained unchanged.

Today, during a blitz control in the Bulgarian parliament, GERB deputy Georg Georgiev asked Nikolai Denkov whether he managed to meet with his colleagues from Austria and the Netherlands and whether Bulgaria will be able to become part of Schengen by the end of this year or the next.

Denkov replied that his talks with the Netherlands and Austria show that the two countries have different expectations towards Bulgaria.

"What was presented as the opinion of the interior minister of Austria reflects a certain position, but does not predetermine what the final result will be," the prime minister said.

For its part, the Netherlands wants the justice system in Bulgaria to work. They expect a report from the European Commission (EC) that will reflect how the laws have changed and how they are applied, explained Denkov.

Austria expects Bulgaria to do everything possible as a border state to minimize the flow of migrants across its borders. The Bulgarian government works closely with partner services such as Frontex and Europol, the prime minister said.

"In this regard, the evaluations have not changed and we must continue working hard. Let's continue at the same pace in the National Assembly and at the borders," said Denkov.

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