Greece has most burnt areas in Europe

A burned shrine stands among charred trees as a wildfire burns at the Dadia National Park on the region of Evros, Greece, September 1, 2023. [Alexandros Avramidis/Reuters]

Burnt areas in Greece increased by 270% from the beginning of 2023 until Wednesday, according to the National Observatory of Athens.

With 161,008 hectares of burned areas by Wednesday, Greece ranks first among 20 Mediterranean countries, ahead of Spain with 84,315 hectares and Italy with 63,061. France (+68%) and Morocco (+43%) also recorded an increase in burnt areas, while the rest of the countries recorded a decrease.

The cumulative number of large forest fires (>30 hectares) in Greece from the beginning of the year until Wednesday points to a decrease of 20% compared to the number of large forest fires that on average (2002-2022) occur in Greece on an annual scale.

An increase in the number of forest fires was recorded in Spain (+80%), France (+198%), Morocco (+94%), Cyprus (+2%), Libya (+3%) and Slovenia (+14%). Moreover, with 45 major forest fires (>30...

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