Ukrainian chief mate rescued after falling overboard off Sinop

The chief mate of a Liberian-flagged container ship, MSC NADRIELY, has been successfully rescued alive approximately 20 hours later after he fell into the sea while the vessel was sailing off the Turkish province of Sinop's coast.

The incident occurred late on Aug. 30 when the ship, en route from Georgia's Poti port to Istanbul, was off the coast of Türkeli district. The Ukrainian chief mate went overboard, prompting an immediate response from the crew and authorities.

Search and rescue efforts were swiftly initiated, with the Turkish Coast Guard deploying planes and boats to assist in the operation. Nearby ships also provided support to expedite the search for the missing crew member.

After an approximately 20-hour search operation, the chief mate was finally spotted and rescued by a commercial ship.

The General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, part of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, issued a statement via their social media account, confirming the positive outcome of the operation.

"As a result of the search and rescue efforts initiated upon the notice... received by our AAKK [Main Search and Rescue Coordination] center, the missing personnel were found alive at sea by the commercial ship named MOONLIGHT and were transferred to the hospital by SGK [Coast Guard Command] elements," the statement said.

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