Signage pointing to a nonexistent country

The village of Agios Achillios on the shore of Mikri Prespa Lake, in Western Macedonia, Greece.  [Shutterstock]

Last Saturday, on the shores of Mikri (Little) Prespa Lake, situated on Greece's northwestern border with Albania, a multitude of people celebrated well into the early hours of the morning. They were immersed in the melodies of the Balkans, featuring music from Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, including the country's timeless rock singer Vassilis Papakonstantinou, all part of the festivities of the Prespeia Festival, now commemorating 30 years of successful organization.

People of all ages hailing from the villages of Florina, Kastoria, Kozani, Edessa and neighboring Balkan nations converged upon the picturesque islet of Agios Achillios. With heartfelt enthusiasm, they reveled in the festivities. Such cultural respites are a crucial necessity for the people living in the mountainous border regions. Despite the historical association of Greece's northern...

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