Eurostat: Bulgarians leave their Parents' Home on average at the age of 30

Bulgarians leave their parents' home only after they turn 30.

The country ranks among the member states of the European Union with the highest average age according to this indicator - this is indicated by the latest Eurostat data for 2022, which were published today.

The record holder is Croatia, where young people live independently at an average age of 33.4 years.
In the group of countries with the highest average age - 30 years or more, in which young people leave the parental home, in addition to Bulgaria and Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Malta and Italy are also ranked.

At the other pole with the lowest average age - below 23 years - are Finland - 21.3 years, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

On average, young people across the European Union left their parental home at an average age of 26.4 last year.

There is also a significant difference in the age of young men and women leaving the parental household.

On average for the Union, men leave the parental home later than women - at 27.3 and 25.4 years, respectively. Men do this after the age of 30 in 9 Member States, including Bulgaria.

The largest gender gap was found in Romania, where young men left at 29.9 years and women at 25.4 years, followed by Bulgaria (with a 4.1 year difference), with men leaving the parental nest at 32.3 years, and women - 28.2 years.

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